Ukurasa Mkuu Terms and Conditions

Parimatch Terms and Conditions

This page contains important information, rules, features, and descriptions of all aspects related to betting on the Parimatch website. Familiarisation with them is mandatory when registering and using the bookmaker’s services. The Bettor must know all the rules and must agree to them.

Main Terms and Their Definitions

Below, you can find the Parimatch Terms and Conditions for Tanzanian Players. In the terms and conditions description, different words and terms will be used, which you need to know about in advance.

  • Gambling Company – Ultimate Gaming System Limited operates under the brand of “Parimatch” (which may sometimes also be referred to in this Act as “Parimatch” and “Company”).
  • A Customer (Bettor) is a person who bets with a Betting Company (who is sometimes also referred to as “you” or “they”).
  • A bet is an agreement between a Customer and a Betting Company where the one who loses must follow the Company’s rules. Bets are accepted according to the regulations provided by the relevant Betting Company.
  • A list of events and their results with odds provided by a Betting Company for prediction.
  • Placing money in a bet is a way to ensure the fulfilment of the obligations of the Bettor in the betting Company. The Tanzanian Bettor deposits it in the betting Company as a fee to participate in betting, which includes predicting the outcome. It is the amount that goes to the Bettor.
  • The “Outcome” is the result obtained on the sporting events that the Bettor has placed.
  • Odds to win is the Company’s responsibility to collect the results of different events.
  • The terms ‘home’ (home team) and ‘away’ (away team) are used in competitions.

Main Conditions

As mentioned earlier, the terms and conditions are mandatory to read before registering. If you disagree with them, the Company will refuse to provide betting services and options. These include:

  • Accepting bets on opponents or other events.
  • The Company can change, edit, and add rules, regulations, and a list of payment systems without notice. Bets placed before the changes do not change depending on the new (or altered) rules.
  • Registration of a betting account on the Parimatch website is available only to those Tanzanians who have reached the age of majority (in this case, 18 years old). The Customers are responsible for checking which country they are in, which allows online betting. The same responsibility applies to providing personal information.
  • To avoid fraud, the Company may request confirmation of the client’s information during the registration period, such as citizenship identification (passport or other documents to prove ID) to confirm the client’s statement they provided during registration.
  • If the issue of fraud in financial transactions arises, legal action will be taken against the person responsible.
  • Account opening, deposits, and payments from clients are carried out according to existing rules and current legislation.
  • Customers agree to be responsible for protecting their account information, including their passwords.
  • If a Customer believes they have lost their password information, they can contact the Company’s support service to request a password change.
  • The Company is not responsible for any damage or loss caused by the website user or its content.
  • All information about events and sports events is for informational purposes only.
  • The Company is not responsible for the accuracy of the current score or match time.

These rules can also be described in other languages. In case of differences and discrepancies between different sources, the rules described in English take precedence.

Gaming Account and Money Deposit

Users must register a personal account to place bets on the Parimatch website. Re-registering a new account to use bonuses, betting advantages, etc., is prohibited – if this aspect is revealed, all accounts will be blocked, and money will be withheld. To open a gaming account (Parimatch account), the Customer must:

  • Registering in the relevant section of the website.
  • When registering on the website, the player enters a password in the game account. This password can contain any character and can be changed by the player on the website after the acceptance procedure.

The account will be frozen if it is inactive (“Sleeping”) for 12 months. By “Inactive” means the absence of verification, deposit, and bets on events. The fee for servicing inactive Parimatch accounts is 5 euros (~13,000 TZS). To “reactivate” the inactive account, the Client will need to make a deposit, place a bet, and withdraw funds. If you do not do this, then Parimatch has the right to close an inactive account and terminate its service to the account.

All transactions on the gaming account will be made in TZS (may be changed after registration). To place a bet, players must deposit money into their account:

  1. Depositing money into the gaming account is available via Bank Transfers or other payment methods (which are available on the Betting Company website).
  2. Payment cards must be open for online transactions.
  3. When sending money transactions to a gaming account, rates may vary. The current transfer criteria will always be displayed on the “Deposit” page.
  4. The Client pays all costs for transferring money. Keep the transfer receipt for 3 years to avoid disputes.
  5. The Company is not responsible for any additional dividends or limits.

Withdrawal Rules

Bettors who want to withdraw funds must send a request for this option. For Tanzanian players, the minimum withdrawal amount is 2,000 TZS, and the maximum is 1,000,000,000 TZS. Withdrawal conditions:

  • The Betting Company reserves the right to add or remove existing withdrawal methods from your gaming account. For more information, check out the “Withdrawal” section;
  • Withdrawing money should be done in the same currency and the same payment method as depositing;
  • Withdrawal of money from the gaming account is made only after confirmation of the fact that the owner of the gaming account is the owner of the accounts of the payment systems;
  • The Customer is responsible for providing true information on the withdrawal registration;
  • The Customer acknowledges that any payment may be subject to tax.

Results Available In Betting: Types

The Company provides different types of bets for Tanzanian Bettors.

  1. Bet on a home win, draw, and away team to win. The bet is won if you correctly predict the result (outcome).
  2. Handicap – After the match, the Client adds the handicap described to the result of the selected team. If the result of the chosen team were correctly predicted after adding the handicap, the bet would win. If the result is a draw after the handicap has been increased, the bet will be refunded. In football, basketball, and ice hockey matches, handicap and total values ​​are given for betting.
  3. Total – The total number of goals scored during the match or other scores in sports like cricket, golf, etc. 
  4. Qualifying for the next round – Bets on the teams that will be eligible for the next round of the competition (league, cup, etc.) are available.
  5. Participant results – In such betting, the Client predicts whether the participant will reach a particular competition stage.

Criteria That Make a Bet Acceptable

To place a bet, you must fulfil certain conditions and, first of all, know the criteria based on which it can be accepted, including:

  • Only listed bets are accepted. The list is a separate section of events with odds and results, which the Bookmaker Company provides.
  • Bets are accepted in an amount not exceeding the account balance.
  • The bet amount for each event cannot exceed the bet amount set in the bet list (for the exact date). If a bet exceeds the maximum bet limit, then this type of bet will not be accepted.
  • Bets are accepted five minutes before the start of the event. Bets placed five minutes after the event’s start will be cancelled and refunded. The exception will be a Live bet during an event.

The site also has criteria for which Bettors from Tanzania cannot cancel bets. Full list:

  1. Incorrectly indexed results cannot be grounds for cancellation of a bet.
  2. The Company accepts no responsibility for incorrect player names, team names, event cities, etc., on which bets are made.
  3. Bets cannot be changed or cancelled once the Customer has placed their bet and received confirmation.
  4. Network and other technical errors are not a reason to change or delete a bet if it is already registered on the server.
  5. Losing your password is not grounds for changing or cancelling a bet.

It is also important to remember that the Company has the right to accept or reject the application of any person without prior notice. In addition, Parimatch is not responsible for the exact results during the Live Event. As stated above, the Parimatch website is not responsible for the accuracy of information, including times, team lineups, names, etc. Use alternative sources of information.

Betting Conditions For Special Cases

Based on some features of sports events, due to which they can be cancelled, postponed, changed, etc., special conditions for such cases apply.

  • The event did not occur on the scheduled date and was postponed by more than 36 hours (from the time specified in the bet coupon). In this case, ALL bets on this event will have odds of 1.
  • The event is not completed within 12 hours (from the date indicated in the dome). Similar to the previous case, all bets on events are calculated with odds of 1.
  • The match is moved to another field, the opponent’s stadium, etc. In this case, Bettors will be refunded, and bets will be removed from express bets. An exception will be if the match is moved to another stadium in the same city as initially – the bet will remain unchanged and will not be refunded.
  • The results were cancelled or changed due to external factors (protests, lousy weather, doping cases, cheating, etc.). Bets will pay off on the original rates shown on the coupon.

Parimatch announces actual results based on official reports. In a confusing situation, when different results of the same event are sent by different sources, with common errors, the Bookmaker Company makes the final decision on the results of betting calculations. But if there is no official confirmation or the outcome of the events cannot be determined, these events will be calculated with a coefficient of 1.

If there are precedents and facts that a bet was made after the outcome or other aspect became known that would affect it (give an advantage to Bettors), the Company has the right to cancel it.

Customer Support

In case of problems, difficulties, complaints, or technical errors (related to Parimatch), Customers can contact the support service in all available ways. Users can send complaints, suggestions, or documents for verification to [email protected].

The support service has the right to refuse a client if:

  • The client uses profanity;
  • Insults or humiliates the operator or the Company;
  • Threatens Company employees;
  • Discuss topics and questions not related to the request;
  • Repeated calls to support for no apparent reason;

In addition to refusal, the Company can use technical tools to block access to the support service for such a Client. In this case, the Betting Company does not notify the Customers of the renewal of their capabilities to request customer service support again.