Ukurasa Mkuu Responsible Gambling

Parimatch: Responsible Gambling

Parimatch values its customers and promotes only high-quality gambling. Based on this, the company’s responsibility is to encourage and provide a responsible gambling system. The program focuses on the impact of gambling upholding the following aspects:

  • Eliminate/prevent problems that may be caused by gambling;
  • Prevent access to gambling for children and those who have not reached the age of majority;
  • Promote only fair and safe gambling openly without hiding essential details.

Parimatch knows that gambling (e.g., sports betting, casino games, etc.) may negatively impact some players. Parimatch encourages responsible gaming to reduce the number of such players to the fullest extent. There are special tools, limits, and periods available for players that are aimed at resolving gambling-related problems.

Signs of the Negative Impact of Gambling

The negative impact of gambling activity on Tanzanian players can manifest itself in different ways. The main ones that Parimatch asks you to pay attention to include:

  • Replacing the time allocated for work, study, rest, family, etc., with gambling;
  • Repeated attempts to stop or control gambling, which led to nothing;
  • Loans or extra money transactions to place bets. Selling or pawning items to make a deposit and place a bet;
  • Place bets above your own desires or the desires/needs of your family or loved ones;
  • Express false information about money or time spent on gambling;
  • Feeling hopeless, depressed, or suicidal.

If you notice these signs in yourself, your friends, or your family, Parimatch recommends you seek help from the special authorities in your region or jurisdiction. Other factors may supplement the list above, but in general, if a gambler feels negatively affected by playing online betting, it is best to stop immediately and seek help.

Gambling Limit Settings

Parimatch provides an opportunity to enjoy gambling while reducing the risks of addiction or negative influence. Below are the limits available on the site that every gambler from Tanzania can activate. You can use one or all of them together.

  1. Deposit Limit. Gamblers can set the maximum deposit size for one day, week or month. The player or regulatory agencies determine the amount.
  2. Bet Limit. Set the maximum size of bets that can be made within one day, week, or month.
  3. Daily Time Limit. The amount of time (hours) available for uninterrupted gambling.
  4. Cool Off Period. A period of time (from 1 to 30 days) during which the account cannot be used for gambling.

Such restrictions cannot be removed, changed or deleted in most cases. To activate them, gamblers must contact Parimatch support, briefly describe the reason, and select limits. As stated earlier, gamblers can use all 4 options at once.

Preventing Underage Gambling: Commitment and Basics

Parimatch does not allow persons under 18 years (children) to gamble on the site. First of all, this is an offence for which parents may be held liable. Parimatch is not intended to attract children or teenagers and uses special screening, identification, and verification systems for minors. Based on this, Parimatch can ask any client for proof of age and suspend the account until the verification is completed.

To pass verification and prove that the player is an adult, it is enough to present:

  • Valid driver’s license;
  • ID;
  • passport;
  • or any valid ID.

The data will be verified based on the Know Your Customer (KYC) process. First of all, the age of the users will be checked, and then whether they are on the self-exclusion list. The account will be fully available if all the data matches and the player has no restrictions/prohibitions/legal grounds for gambling. 

Otherwise, if the KYC process cannot confirm the client, information about this is sent to the support service, and additional procedures or a complete refusal to provide services to Parimatch will be provided.

Notes For Parents

Parimatch encourages parents to pay attention to discussing gambling and its risks among children. This is especially important because children imitate the adults they are constantly surrounded by. Especially if one of the parents plays in a casino or bets on sports. First of all, tell your children that what their parents (or one of them) are doing is entertainment, to which they, due to their age, do not have ethical and legal rights. Parimatch also recommends using additional tools to protect personal data when logging into your betting account to prevent children from accessing it, placing bets, etc.

It is also worth remembering that children may also show warning signs regarding gambling addiction, including:

  • Increased interest in sports betting and the desire to place it;
  • Reduced interest in studies, social life and giving priority to betting on sporting events;
  • Requests to place a bet on the match yourself (using the account of one of the parents);
  • Concealing information that the child placed bets (even between friends).